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Who, exactly, is Junk Male Clothing?
So, Junk Male Clothing is a small company. How small?
Is that all there is?
Please stop waffling and summarise Junk Male Clothing!
What does Junk Male do?
The best men’s T-Shirts available to buy online? Really?
Why are you going into so much infernal detail?!
Why did you call your company ‘Junk Male Clothing’? Isn’t ‘Junk’ a derogatory term?
So what is ‘A Junk Male’?

Hi, and welcome to Junk Male Clothing, my name’s Johnny.


Before you start reading this, there’s something I ought to warn you about: As a small company, we’re unbelievably passionate about producing the highest quality men’s Retro T-Shirts available anywhere.


Why should this be a warning, and why would I feel compelled to warn you about it? Simple, because once I get the bit between my teeth, I’ll get carried away and will relentlessly bombard you with information – most of which will be unnecessary for most sane customers.


Most sane customers understandably want to shop as quickly as possible, and find some original T-Shirts that they look good in. If that’s you, I’m delighted to have you in our online store. I feel exceptionally confident that you’ll find the T-Shirts of your dreams here. For those of you that worship T-Shirts; that wear them as a way of life; are obsessive and want to know every last detail… well, you’ll find that here too, and more besides.


So, before we get right into the nitty-gritty, I’ll apologize in advance for brow-beating you. I’d encourage you to scrutinize the sub-headings above, to find the subjects that interest you – and skip those that don’t. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Who, exactly, is Junk Male Clothing?


We’re a small and highly specialised online T-Shirt and mens’ clothing company.


We launched in 2010 from Kent (‘The Garden Of England’), and we produce high quality, hand-printed – and strictly limited edition T-Shirts – for discerning buyers and collectors around the World.

So, Junk Male Clothing is a small company. How small?


Tiny. Microscopic, in fact. Blink and you’d miss us.


There’s me, Johhny. I write the Junk Blogs and design the T-Shirts. I also process and package the orders, and if you pick up the phone, it will probably be me that answers. I’m a control freak and a hands-on kind of guy. I’m a passionate graphic designer, petrol-head, musician, bass-player and motor racing nut. If you don’t like any of the Junk Male designs – frankly, it’s my fault.


I have a bionic assistant called Louise who periodically mops my fevered brow with a medical swab (when things get immeasurably pressured, you understand). She catches all the paperwork that I throw over my shoulder and files it neatly. She keeps the company going. She’s great, you’d like her.

Is that all there is?


Not quite. There’s a few Web-Gurus – and they do try to insist upon us referring to them as Gurus too.


Apparently, the term ‘Guru’ was derived from the amalgamation of the ancient Hindu or Sanskrit words ‘Gu’ and ‘Ru’, which respectively, mean ‘Darkness’ and ‘Light’ – in other words: ‘From Darkness to Light, and thus enlightenment’. We don’t know whether there’s any truth in that, and frankly, we can’t be bothered to Google it. Maybe you can?


We call our technical experts: ‘King & Queen Geek’, & ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Geek’. There’s also a brace of Victorian Printers (who have an amazing work ethic and an unremitting passion for detail and craft).


There are a few ‘Finance Dudes and Dudesses’ too, who count beans and paper clips, and who nod sagely whilst pontificating and cogitating upon the finer nuances and minutiae of an Excel Spreadsheet. Nobody has ever discovered their names; nor have we developed the inclination of satisfying our curiosity by asking… besides which, they make a mean coffee, so it’s probably best not to upset them too much. They’re in a different room anyway; we colour stuff in, and they look at the results in black and white; together, we work well.


We also have a few informal friends, mentors, advisors and technicians that drift in and out when they feel like it (and when they fancy a boozy lunch), which is great, because that represents true friendship. Thanks in particular to Lisa, Joe, Eve, ‘Wonky-Lips’, ‘Bronners’, Tiger Paws Stan, Eva, Isla, Emmanuel, Manky-Pete and Nick ‘The Greek’ (by the way, Eva and Isla are my daughters, and they have final veto on what goes out… let me know if I’m sharing too much).


I appreciate the efforts, love, support and input of those named above, and welcome all of them into my life – as well as you, new friend.

Please stop waffling and summarise Junk Male Clothing!


OK, OK. In summary: If you like dealing with big, powerful companies, that’s not us. We’re small; and I like it that way because it means that I get to be selfish; exercise ridiculously high levels of quality-control; be a detail-freak; and ‘work as though a child at play’.


That’s my definition of success, and it’s an ethos that I wholeheartedly encourage you to adopt too. It means that I do what I want because I want to do it… and I answer to nobody. If that means that you’re coming along for the ride to see where we end up, then I’m truly delighted: Welcome.


Ultimately, Junk Male Clothing is a selfish and self-indulgent project. I hope you love it too, because I only produce designs that I care about; with references that have shaped and influenced me… things that have lodged in my brain and that have ultimately made me who I am today – for better or worse. It’s very likely that these things have touched and influenced you too.

What does Junk Male do?


We produce the very highest quality men’s designer T-Shirts and clothing that you can buy online. Our T-Shirts are hand-printed and are strictly Limited-Edition… we only produce between 20 to 50 of every design.


You read that right: just twenty to fifty! Sometimes, we produce even smaller test-runs of just 10-15 garments, before we commit to the full run of 50! Other times, we might even produce a single, tantalising one-off design.


Please also bear in mind; that’s not 50 of each size. That’s fifty (maximum) of each design – across ALL sizes.


This doesn’t make much commercial sense, because the production costs on sourcing the very best tailored T-Shirts (from around the World), and then employing the most sophisticated and expensive printing methods, means that there’s not a lot of profit in what we do. There is, however, a lot of value in what we do. That’s an important distinction to me.


But screw the balance sheet, I don’t care! I’m interested in attracting loyal followers, and am trying to build a ‘brand’. I want to create clothing that you feel insanely proud to wear – and wear out. It’s also why you’ll find that our shirts are slightly more expensive than major high-street labels. Ours are exclusive. You’re not likely to bump into anyone else wearing our designs. If you’re the type of person that loves discovering new bands that haven’t appeared on anyone else’s radar yet, then you’re probably as much of an inverted snob as me. Again; welcome to Junk Male Clothing!

The best men’s T-Shirts available to buy online? Really?


Yep, absolutely. I source the very highest quality 100% cotton fashion T-Shirts from around the World.


We then use the most complex, sophisticated and advanced printing techniques that we possibly can… they’re not cheap, but we absolutely know that as a discerning ‘fashionista’, you’ll agree, and once you’ve worn them, you’ll never go back to an ordinary ‘off-the-shelf’ T-Shirt, if you’re interested in our printing methods, <read more here>


We’re also trying to find the softest and most luxurious cotton available… that’s amazingly comfortable, beautifully tailored, kind to the environment, ethically sourced; ‘sweat-shop-free’ and Fair Trade… because we take that stuff seriously. We’re managing it too! <Read more here>

Why are you going into so much infernal detail?!


Because I’m just so darned passionate about what we do at Junk Male!


I warned you about the level of detail I’d be going into a few paragraphs ago… you must be OK with that though, because apparently, you’re still reading.

Why did you call your company ‘Junk Male Clothing’? Isn’t ‘Junk’ a derogatory term?


Yes it is. But perversely, I like to celebrate the negative and to embrace my mistakes. It’s the only way I can honestly improve myself – and what I do – on a daily basis.


None of us are perfect, but the honest acknowledgement of that fact can be the catalyst for positive change.


Apart from that, there’s another historic reason I chose the company name of Junk Male: I used to run a London-based Direct marketing agency, that I was very proud of, and that represented a huge chunk of my life. Many people look down at ‘Below The Line Advertising’ and ‘Direct Mail’, because that industry kicks out a load of – what they term to be – ‘Junk Mail’. Those detractors may have a point, but I loved Junk Mail; I learned about what people like and what they don’t; I discovered how to really communicate with people effectively. Furthermore, the entire business was built upon ROI (Return On Investment), and generating sales. That’s incredibly potent and sobering, because if you’re a practitioner of ‘Junk Mail’, then you literally live and die by your last job. If you don’t produce an advertising campaign that demonstrably works – and increases sales and profits for your clients – you’re toast. If you’re not adding value, you’re taking up valuable space and oxygen.


Yes, it may be ‘Junk’ to some, and it may be cut-throat, but only the fittest will prosper in that environment. You’re accountable for every single piece of work you do, and for everything you contribute. I think that can be positive; inspiring; emotionally rewarding; and exciting.


I love that kind of pressure, and thrive under the (sometimes fruitless) pursuit of perfection. So, far from being a negative epithet, I came to view the derogatory term of ‘Junk Mail’ as something quite beautiful. I then merely dropped the ‘i’ from ‘mail’ and stuck an ‘e’ on the end, and here we are today with Junk Male. Everything changes – and everything stays the same.

So what is ‘A Junk Male’?


Well, that’s a complex question that’s difficult to answer, except to say that there's a little Junk Male in everyone. Yes, even you.


Some of us are born imperfect but strive for improvement. Some of us are born imperfect, but just don’t give two hoots.


In the days of black and white TV, men were just men. They went to work, played hard and maybe didn't think about other people too much. But that was OK, because this was a time when men were simple beasts – and everyone else stayed out of their way to avoid incurring their wrath, in fear that they would be smite across the chops with a gnarled fist.


But society evolves at break-neck pace. Somehow, the paradigms shift and crack under our feet. When this happens, we potentially become destabilised as we’re forced to adapt and become 'more grounded'... to display our emotions; to talk; to question; to break out of our shells and shun the superficiality of a life that’s choc-full of narcotic rushes and self-serving manifestos. Having opened that Pandora’s box, the pursuit of answers and fulfilment starts us on a more meaningful quest of discovery – of ourselves and of those around us.


Actually, I might’ve got a little too carried away there. After all, I’m only trying to flog you a few T-Shirts here…


OK, here’s the juice: with Junk Male Clothing, I’m just interested in good times, fine wine, motorbikes, curry, cars, petrol, sport, poker, gambling and music – but proper music – music thrashed out with spirit and feel. I simply love to design cool retro T-Shirts and clothing for me... that I love to wear – and wear out. I hope my work and our joint efforts have a similar effect on you too.


I like cool typographic designs on soft cotton, and fabrics that feel right the moment I put them on. No buttons, and no fiddly bits. Just fashionable, printed T-Shirts that I’ll want to wear and cherish for years – T-Shirts that have a story behind them – T-Shirts that I, along with many other people – have a connection with. Some of the Junk Male designs are thought provoking, and some are simple. Just like life, in fact.


I like to think, that cool characters that would have worn Junk Male Clothing, would have been men like Steve McQueen, James Bond, James Hunt, Mario Andretti, Evel Knievel, and erm... Baron Samedi… and Sheriff J. W. Pepper. The bottom line is this: I started Junk Male Clothing because sometimes, I couldn’t quite find the T-Shirts that I wanted to wear. So, being a proactive guy, I just started making them for myself. Having invested a lot of time and passion in that, I began to wonder wondered whether anyone else would like them too – and that’s where you come in. It’s ultimately that simple.


Junk Male Clothing: Wear it out, wear it in, let me begin... Just wear it until you wear it out, then hand it to your kids and see what they make of it. Enjoy.