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Here at Junk Male Clothing, we're pretty good at offering our customers as much help as they need. You’ll see a comprehensive summary of the most popular topics and frequently asked questions listed below in red.


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Post & packaging costs
Hassle-free returns policy
Do you ship to my country?
When will my order arrive?
How do I find my size?
What if you don’t have my size?
Where are your tees made?
What are your printing methods?
Do you have a catalogue?
Ethical Policy
Organic Policy
Care & washing instructions
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Post & packaging costs


Please note that since Monday, April 26th 2012, our prices have been revised: When Junk Male Clothing originally launched back in July 2010, we had ‘introductory offer’, whereby all postage and packing was free. That offer was supposed to last for just one month. 2 years later, we were still doing it! Sadly, this couldn’t continue – for obvious reasons. 


What we have done to compensate, is to offer bigger discounts on selected items, and more frequent special offers. Please note, the best offers are communicated to those customers who Subscribe, or ‘Like’ our Junk Male Facebook Page. If you haven’t done so already, please hit those links to register for special discounts and opportunities not available to others.


Now that postage prices have finally been introduced, we’ve instigated a fair and transparent flat-rate for postage and packing (UK and International). It’s a simple-to-use pricing policy, and is calculated in pricing bands, depending upon the total cost of your purchase. It basically works out cheaper, the more you buy (the sliding scale means you receive a discounted postage rate, the more you add to the package). It works as follows:


Ultra-Light Postage – Purchases from £0 to £9.00: 1.20 (UK Mainland) ––– £2.80 (Rest Of The World)


Light Postage 1 – Purchases from £9.01 to £14.00£1.90 (UK Mainland) ––– £3.65 (Rest Of The World)

Light Postage 2 – Purchases from £14.01 to £20.00£3.50 (UK Mainland) –– £6.95 (Rest Of The World)

Standard Postage 1 – Purchases from £20.01 to £40.00£3.90 (UK Mainland) ––– £7.40 (Rest Of The World)

Standard Postage 2 – Purchases from £40.01 to £85.00£4.10 (UK Mainland) –– £7.65 (Rest Of The World)

Medium Postage 1 – Purchases from £85.01 to £100.00£4.75 (UK Mainland) ––– £8.20 (Rest Of The World)

Bulk Purchase Discount – Purchases from £100.01 to £949.00FREE (UK Mainland) ––– FREE (Rest Of The World)

Heavy Postage (Guitars) – Purchases from £949.01 upwards£45.00 (UK Mainland) ––– £192.00 (Rest Of The World)

Hassle-free returns policy

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. If you ‘like’ Junk Male Clothing clothing… then we’ve failed. We want you to love it! We want you to wear it with pride and wear it out.


In the unlikely event that you need to return or exchange any item(s), please send them to the address below. Refunds will be issued once we’ve received your returned clothing. All exchanges for different sizes are re-sent the day we receive your returned clothing. Please remember to include a note with your name and all contact details (address and phone number). You can return items up to 30 days after purchase.

Tee-Tree Group Ltd T/A Junk Male Clothing
Unit 9 Wessex Industrial Estate
Bourne End
Bucks SL8 5DT



In the incredibly rare instances where you’ve received faulty or damaged clothing, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please e-mail quoting your name, address, contact number and details of the product received. We will then advise you on how to proceed. Remember, you have 30 days from receipt of the faulty item to return it to us.


Please note that refunds, credits or exchanges cannot be made if the item(s) being returned have been washed. If a washed item is returned, the return will be sent back to you. Returned clothing must be in suitable condition for resale. For this reason, please don’t use scissors to open your package. Our compact easy-to-open packaging has a handy ‘tear strip’. Returns with scissor marks will also be refused and sent back.


Please bear in mind that any returned item is your responsibility until it reaches us. For your own protection, we strongly recommend that you send the parcel using a recognised delivery service, and preferably one that insures you for the value of the goods (in the UK, this would be Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, for example).

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship all over the World. So, no matter where you are: The USA, Europe, Asia – If you live there, then we deliver! We even delivered a consignment of T-Shirts to a yacht in Monaco once (and yes, it was in harbour at the time… deliveries to the sea are a little tricky – even for us).

When will my order arrive?

If you place your order at noon in the UK, we try as hard as possible to get your clothing delivered the very next day. All orders are processed, packaged and dispatched on the same day – and always First Class. To be entirely safe, please allow a maximum of three working days (to all inland UK destinations). Having said that, we’re currently finding Royal Mail service in the UK very good and extremely reliable, so orders placed by noon, are currently arriving the very next day with no problem.


International orders will obviously take a little longer in freight, so please be patient. Western European orders are currently taking at least 3 days to arrive – and a maximum of five days. Eastern European deliveries are usually delivered successfully within 5 days. All other major cities throughout the USA, and the rest of the World are taking a minimum of 7 days. If you have any special requests or urgent deadlines, then please contact the office via email:

How do I find my size?

Whatever clothing you’re browsing or buying, there will be a very accurate ‘Size Guide’ button which you should check before adding the item to your shopping bag. Click this button, and via the ethereal magic of the internet, a new window will open in your browser. Our comprehensive size guides give measurements in both inches and centimetres, and they illustrate the chest sizes, plus width and depth of each garment.


Please note: We do not use just one standard fit or style of T-Shirt. That would be boring! You’d be surprised at just how much variation there is in the styling and tailoring of a simple-looking T-Shirt. In other words, an XL in one design, may not fit in the same way as an XL in a different design. Broadly speaking, our T-Shirts can be categorised in three ways, as follows:


Comfort Fit: As the name implies, these are ultra-soft cottons, available in standard colours with either plain finish, vintage-wash, or pigment dyed effect. The tailoring is neither baggy or slim, just expertly designed and perfect for everyday lounging. They have a flattering and slimming shape, with the arms cut a little closer than those of average high-street brands and fashion labels. These T-Shirts are still ‘fashion fit’ and due to numerous requests, we’ve just started producing them in sizes up to XXL, for those of us with a more generously proportioned or ‘corpulent’ frame (usually achieved through high living and excessive indulgence).


Slim Fit (& Slim Fit Vintage): Available in crew neck and V-Neck, with or without faded vintage-wash and pigment-dyed effect. These shirts are slightly more fitted than Comfort Fit, and cut a little closer to the torso, resulting in more of an evening or ‘posing-shirt’! If in doubt, you might want to consider ordering a size up than usual. There are subtle differences on every design, so even if you’ve bought from us before, please do check the dimensions of every shirt – they are accurate. Remember; we state measurements in both inches and centimetres on our size guides.


Hugger Fit: These are our tightest shirts, and are sometimes produced in ‘Marl’ cotton (textured marble effect, sometimes featuring shape retention properties, or small percentages of a material such as ‘elastane’ in the cotton mix, to achieve a closer fit). These are usually for our younger buyers; body-builders who want to show off their ‘guns’; or just those of you that are confident with your bodies! They can vary in fit, but are usually very close to the body, with little ‘sag’ or loose material. It’s very likely that you’ll want to order a size up from usual. Again; please consult the precise measurements in the size guide.


Remember, if the shirt doesn’t fit, you can always rely on our prompt, hassle-free returns service. Exchanges, returns and refunds are not a problem within 30 days of purchase.

What if you don’t have my size?

Then sadly, that’s probably bad luck. Our whole ‘schtick’ is that we print high quality, hand-printed garments – in INCREDIBLY low volumes. Most of the time, we print just 50 of each design… and yes, that’s fifty in total – across ALL sizes… NOT fifty of each size. Sometimes, we produce ultra-rare collections of just fifteen garments (we guarantee you won’t find another clothing company producing T-Shirts in such low volumes… it doesn’t make financial sense). We do this, because it ensures our shirts exclusivity, rarity, value, and collectable appeal.


Because of that, when they’re gone, that’s it; no more. If there’s something you really want badly, then drop us a line at and we’ll see if we can help. We certainly can’t ‘print on demand’, or produce one-off shirts, but we are susceptible to bribery. Just kidding. Sometimes, demand for a shirt is so strong, that we sometimes alter embellish and reproduce the original artwork, and then produce completely new silk screens – usually on a completely different colour and style of T-Shirt. So if you love it, let us know and we’ll consider a new run of your favourite design.

Where are your tees made?

We source from all over the World. We’re constantly talking to quality suppliers, fashion houses and factories globally, to ensure the latest trends are in stock, and that we remain at the cutting edge of new fashions in the T-Shirt industry. Currently, we’re sourcing (100% ethically), from Turkey, China and India. The printing is strictly controlled and always completed by hand in the UK.

What are your printing methods?

Good question. Printing, to us, is very much a part of the creative and experimental process. As such, there’s no short answer. All printing is done by craftsmen and is silk-screened for infinite control of both the density of print, and blending of inks.


Having sourced the best quality T-Shirts from around the World, we use the best quality printing methods available, and only ever print in limited runs of around fifty garments at a time (to ensure their rarity). This works out expensive, but the quality of the product more than justifies this. After all, we’re passionate about what we do, and are willing to build our reputation gradually, and earn respect.


We will never use cheap printing methods, such as Heat Press, Inkjet and Laser Transfer – even though these methods are frankly a lot less messy; a lot easier to control; and far cheaper to produce. We don’t use them because even though it would be quicker and would generate greater profits, the results (whilst fine for some applications) are just ‘too heavy’ and unsubtle for our designs and ethos. These cheaper forms of printing weigh down the fabric, and just don’t integrate into the T-Shirts well.

We prefer using sophisticated processes such as screen-printing; water-based inks and Discharge printing; direct into the fabric for a much softer and subtle effect. In short, we let the design dictate the method of print we finally use. Here’s a summary of what we do use, and why:

Discharge Printing (also referred to as ‘Extract Printing’): During this process, the colour pigment of the T-Shirt is removed via ‘bleaching’ (in an eco-friendly way with ‘soft’ chemicals). This method demands sensitivity, and a printer who really knows what they’re doing. Results can vary vastly, depending upon the fabric and original dye-process of the T-Shirts. This isn’t a quick printing process that can be set up and produced mechanically. It takes trial and error to get the right effect – but it’s well worth it.


All T-Shirts start off with a natural cotton colour (which is an eggshell white colour, tinged with faint straw tones that we refer to as ‘Ecru’). The natural state and colour of these T-Shirts can be really beautiful and subtle, so much so, that we have a few of these untreated and unbleached cotton shirts in our range. Contrary to popular thinking, white is not the natural colour of cotton. All white T-Shirts are bleached to get that pristine, brilliant colour. In Discharge printing, the design or image is softly bleached into the shirt to get back to the garments’ natural colour – before the ink is blended gently into the weave of the fabric. This method by far produces the greatest results; the design integrates and absorbs beautifully into the shirt and is incredibly soft to the touch. Sadly, it is not possible to discharge every design onto every colour, so the process takes highly specialised knowledge and skill.

Sometimes, the removal of the dye or pigment from the original T-Shirt is good enough to supply a stunning effect, but we usually start introducing soft, water-based or even Plastisol inks into the fabric too, just to give things that little extra kick.

The reason we love this process so much, is because the end result is far more enduring. Especially when you’ve taken the trouble to source clothing with such good quality and ultra-soft cotton. This process means that the design harmonises with the fabric and feels more natural.

In fact, this printing method is so subtle – and is so integrated into the fabric – that it’s exactly how the felt and baize on Casino tables is produced. The reason being that this ensures that a slightly raised printed line or graphic won’t interfere with the roll of dice, thus affecting its outcome… possibly a reason why we use this method for our Poker T-Shirts!

Another reason this is such a tricky process to master, is that there is a huge amount of second-guessing involved – especially with multiple colour Discharge prints, because after the design has been ‘bleached’ directly into the shirt and the inks are introduced into the fabric, the design is then ‘baked-in’ to the cotton in an oven – and this radically alters the intensity of the colours. Again; it’s all about trial and error.

Water-Based Inks: As the name suggests, this is also a subtle process, which uses dye or pigment, which is suspended in water (as opposed to solvent). The water is dried out and evaporates during printing, to leave the pigment embedded in the cotton. The T-Shirts are then either ‘cured’ at room temperature or in an oven. One of the great things about this method is that it’s an eco-friendly way of printing; it doesn’t use chemicals containing PVC or Phthalates which are harmful to the environment. You don’t even need solvents or chemicals to clean the screens after printing! But the down side is; it’s much trickier to work with, and the results aren’t quite as durable as some other solvent-based methods. This is why you won’t often find these types of shirts in mainstream emporiums, boutiques and high-street fashion houses… it doesn’t suit mass production and is too fiddly to be profitable for most major retailers.


Over a period of time as the garments are washed, you will see subtle fading in the designs using water-based inks – but it will stabilise and not progress further. For this reason, it’s a highly effective technique to use on Retro T-Shirts, because it produces a genuinely aged and worn design, as opposed to those fake-distressed vintage designs, with ‘manufactured crackles’.

An example of this beautiful Retro-finishing is on our Evel Knievel and Cray Twins T-Shirts, where we’ve used them on Marl cotton (which helps exaggerate the fading due to the cotton blends in Marl shirts). We deliberately over-load the inks to cater for the fact that during the first two or three washes, the design will fade naturally to provide a much more authentic Retro T-Shirt.

Being water-based, these designs need much more of an ‘artisan’ approach. This is because the air-drying that’s done during the process, can clog the screens and ruin the design, meaning more expense and lost time. But then, we’ve always been fans of the traditional, ‘old-school’ techniques and we’re not afraid of the challenge, or the time it takes to get it right.

Similar to Discharge printing, we use this method because of the soft-to-the-touch finish; the fact that it blends so perfectly with the fabric of the T-Shirt – and that the inks and design cannot be felt as a raised or heavy surface when you brush your hand across the shirt.

Do you have a catalogue?

No, afraid not. Because we hand print our T-Shirts in such low volumes (to ensure exclusivity and exceptional quality), it simply isn’t practical or cost-effective to print catalogues (besides which, it makes trees sad). You can always keep fully up to date with the entire range of Junk Male Clothing here, and that’s at any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… Even on Religious Holidays and Christmas Day. OK, we’re milking the point now. Remember to bookmark us and visit regularly to catch new designs and blogs.

Ethical Policy

We believe that all people involved in the manufacture and production of Junk Male Clothing deserve the right to operate in a clean, safe and healthy working environment. We ensure that the manufacturers we import and buy from, have a transparent and robust ethical policy which mirrors ours, and ensures that their entire work force have the right to decide whether or not they join a Trade Union; that there is no forced or child labour; that they have the right to operate freely in an environment without discrimination or abuse; with reasonable working hours and pay; and with the security of a legally binding contract – setting out the obligations of both staff and management. If our manufacturers cannot submit this information, we will not work with them.


International The suppliers that we use are regularly monitored for compliance with these issues, by recognised and independent bodies such as The Ethical Trading Initiative and The International Labour Organisation. This is in addition to a minimum compliance to certification such as SA8000, BSCI, SAFE and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). We are also in the fortunate position of having the assurance of independent audits by ‘The Fair Wear Foundation’.


We are painfully aware that the machinations of global business; and the relentless pursuit of shareholder profit by many global brands; has put ever-increasing pressure on the garment and textile industry. For too long, people have shirked their responsibility to humanity. Pressure to be competitive; to secure lucrative contracts and constantly drive down costs, has in the past resulted in dubious business practice to say the least. Happily, due to increased public awareness, there has been a genuine desire to redress the balance and achieve the highest ethical standards. But this positive fact should by no means encourage complacency.


Pressure to produce garments at a low price, has led the apparel industry to allow some of the most unethical trade practices on the planet. The worst examples include child labour, excessive working hours, unsafe and unhygienic working conditions.


To ensure that Junk Male Clothing does not contribute to the social injustice sometimes seen in manufacturing, we source our T-Shirts and products from providers that are audited and inspected by The Fair Wear Foundation (a non-profit organisation who monitor and improve working conditions globally throughout the textile industry).


Our suppliers, who have signed The Fair Wear Foundation Code of Conduct, take on the obligation to adhere to the labour standards in all of their business operations. They also accept the duty to do everything possible to get other companies and suppliers in their supply-chain to respect these exacting labour standards.


The Fair Wear Foundation is an international verification initiative, dedicated to enhancing workers’ lives globally. They work closely with companies that produce clothing and other sewn products. They keep track of the improvements made by the companies they work with, and through sharing expertise and strengthening industrial relations, The Fair Wear Foundation ultimately improves the effectiveness and ethics of those companies and manufacturers.


The Fair Wear Foundation has spent considerable time, effort and resource in developing a robust code and a pragmatic approach for their members – which is regularly audited and must be adhered to. A summary of that code, encompasses (but is not limited to), the following eight principles:

Fair working hours: The hours of work must echo and correspond to the prevailing laws and standards for that branch of industry, in that country. In no case can workers be obliged to work more than 48 hours per week on a regular basis, and they will be given at least one day off in every 7-day period. Any overtime work that’s deemed necessary to fulfil a contract, must be done on a voluntary basis. Additionally, that overtime will not amount to more than 12 hours per week; will not be called for on a regular basis; and will always be matched by additional compensation (Convention 1).


Payment of a living wage: Wages and benefits paid for a working week, must at least match the legal minimum standards in that country – or the standards that are common for that branch of industry. Furthermore, that remuneration must always be adequate to meet the basic needs of the workers and their families, and must additionally provide a certain amount of disposable income. Deductions from wages for disciplinary purposes are not tolerated; and deductions from wages for other purposes can only occur as legally permitted. Even in the latter instance, those deductions will never lead to a scenario whereby the employee receives less than the aforementioned minimum wage. (Conventions 26 and 131).


No child labour: Whichever country we’re sourcing from; employees must have completed their period of compulsory education, and must be at least 15 years of age. Any form of slavery, or comparable practice (such as the sale and trafficking of children; debt bondage; or forced labour); are vehemently prohibited under a zero-tolerance policy. Children (by which we mean; between the ages of 15 and 18), may not perform any work which is in any way likely to harm their health, safety or morals. (Conventions 138 and 182).


No use of forced labour: This includes forced labour to redeem a debt of work, or by jail prisoners (Conventions 29 and 105).


Health & Safety in working conditions: Measures are insisted upon to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all staff and employees. Effective measures are instigated to prevent accidents and damage to health resulting from the working environment. Risk factors in the work environment are minimised as much as possible. Physical violence, harassment, threats of physical violence, discrimination, unusual disciplinary measures, and sexual – or other forms of intimidation are strictly forbidden and enforced (Convention 155).


Legal contract for labour: Employers’ obligations to social insurance laws, plus regulations applying to ‘normal’ labour contracts are strictly monitored. Obligation and responsibility cannot be circumnavigated via sham, or apprenticeship contracts, especially where there is no intention to enter into a normal labour contract thereafter. All employees must equally be offered the opportunity to take part in programs of skills-improvement, training and education.


Anti-discrimination: Recruitment policy, wages and payment for service, access to training, promotion policy, termination of employment, pensions and all other aspects of labour relations must be conducted on the basis of equal opportunities. This is regardless of race, colour, religion, political orientation, trade union membership, nationality, social background, disabilities or handicaps (Conventions 100 and 111).


Freedom of association (and the right to collective bargaining): It is considered that the right of all employees to form or join trade unions and to carry out collective bargaining will be recognised and respected. Employee representatives are not to be discriminated against and are to be given access to all work areas necessary in the performance of their duties (Conventions 87, 98, 135 and Recommendation 143).


Finally, you might also draw comfort from the fact that the T-Shirts we use were winner at The Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards 2010 (Category: Outstanding Performance). This Award recognised the garments we use as ones that made the most impressive verified corporate responsibility achievement during 2010.


Our major manufacturer of T-Shirts and apparel have a facility to choose ‘Earth Positive’ clothing, which is 100% organic and has a mightily impressive 90% Reduced CO2. The carbon footprint has been calculated in accordance with BSI PAS2050 methodology, and has been certified by the Carbon Trust.


One of the reasons that this can be achieved, is that this major factory supplies their own power source from replenishable and sustainable supplies (water from an on-site river, and wind). The goods are then shipped from overseas – rather than using a much quicker method of air-freight. Admittedly, this does lead to delays, much slower printing times, and results in a great deal of forward-planning, but the benefits by far outweigh these short-term issues.


In summary: The 90% reduction in carbon emission has been achieved via a combination of low-impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and transportation – and the use of renewable energy instead of the fossil fuel based grid electricity.


The resultant Earth Positive garments are exceptional quality, and incredibly soft on the skin. Where possible, Junk Male Clothing is now migrating all of its T-Shirts, Hoodies, Vests and other apparel into the earth Positive range.


The T-Shirts we have sourced won the Climate Week Awards during 2011, celebrating ‘eco-achievements that galvanise public action’.


With 14 categories, the Climate Week Awards celebrated the very best of what Britain has to offer in combating climate change, including outstanding achievements by individuals, businesses and communities. The awards were judged by an all-star panel, including Ian McEwan (best-selling author), Lord Nicholas Stern (author of the Stern Report), former Irish President Mary Robinson, eco-adventurer David de Rothschild, and Tim Smit (founder of the Eden project).


Chosen from a shortlist of 4, our chosen and preferred T-Shirt manufacturer demonstrated a blueprint for low carbon fashion. The Earth Positive range was developed after a lengthy, two-year appraisal of potential production methods. Every step of manufacture was analysed and improved during every stage of the production process.

Organic Policy

Junk Male Clothing actively supports the growth and expansion of organic cotton farming. An increasing number of our T-Shirts are certified organic. Furthermore, new product lines are being introduced that contain organic-in-conversion cotton, thus assisting conventional cotton farmers in the crucial period of transition to organic agriculture. Our hope is to produce all of our products in organic cotton.


Our suppliers are licensed by the Soil Association and the Control Union, to supply fully certified organic products in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard. The aim of these standards is to define requirements to ensure the organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, in order to provide a credible assurance to the consumer.



You might justifiably wonder why these organic standards and policing are so important: Cotton is the most valuable non-food agricultural product in the World today (and experienced vastly increased scarcity – and resultantly higher prices during 2010). Unfortunately, cotton is also known as the world's ‘dirtiest’ crop. Potentially, cotton farmers and their children can suffer from serious side-effects during cotton farming, simply because they are routinely exposed to pesticides – many of which are banned or restricted in the West. These side effects vary and can include: Vomiting, paralysis, incontinence, coma, seizures. and in the worst cases, even death.


Steve Trent (Director of The Environmental Justice Foundation), stated that “With no less than 99% of the world’s cotton farmers living in the developing world, the pesticides are applied in fields where illiteracy is high, and safety awareness is low, putting both the environment and lives at risk”. He adds: “The dangers faced by poor illiterate children and farmers – to keep our clothes cheap, is unacceptable”.


It is therefore with great pride, that we can say that the T-Shirts that we source today, were the winner of the 2009 Natural and Organic Awards (Category: Best Organic Textile Product). They were judged at the Natural & Organic Products Annual Industry Awards, and were announced by Jo Fairley – co-founder of Green & Blacks, and author of The Beauty Bible.

Care & washing instructions

We only choose the finest and softest cottons for our garments, and to preserve them, it’s important to look after them properly. You should only ever wash your T-Shirts and Junk Male Clothing with other, similar colours. Always wash cool (no more than 30 degrees), and line-dry only – never tumble dry.

Re-shaping should not be necessary, but if you do, please re-shape whilst the T-Shirt is damp. I’ll admit another trick... if you’re like me (generously proportioned), then it’s acceptable to manually stretch the garment carefully.

Even though our apparel is printed using the finest and most complex printing methods, it’s always best to iron the shirts inside out, to protect the designs as much as possible, and to ensure maximum longevity.

Please note that some designs are deliberately intended to fade during the first few washes. In these instances, we overload the inks specifically to cater for this, so that your shirt achieves a natural Retro finish once washed. It’s commonly the grey cotton Marl T-Shirts that display this characteristic (as on the Evel Knievel, Cray Twins, and Junk Male Prison T-Shirts). The reason for this is that the textured Marl cottons are not always 100% cotton, as they need at least a 15% mix of other materials interwoven into the fabric, to achieve the marbled effect. Having said that, we’ve just discovered a manufacturer who can now make marl cotton using 100% natural cottons, so we’re switching over to this method on all future shirts. Discharge and water-based inks notoriously do not adhere completely to cotton blends (not 100% cotton), which is why we overcompensate by over-loading the inks. Fading on these garments is therefore entirely natural and has been intentionally allowed for during the printing process.

Financial security

The proliferation of fraud is an incredibly important issue that we take very seriously. We do not store your credit card details – or any other sensitive financial information – on any of our servers. Once your credit card details have been used and approved for your purchase, those details are gone and jettisoned. You’ll find a heck of a lot more detail here, in our Privacy Policy.


The commercial part of our site is powered by ’Shopify’, which is one of the most trusted e-commerce and shopping systems available on the internet. Shopify already powers some of the largest, most progressive and most trusted global brands, including Amnesty International, The New York Times, Foo Fighters, Tesla Motors and Angry Birds!


Our financially secure servers use an industry-standard 128 Bit SSL encrypted checkout, which ensures that all data is secured, protected and hidden at all times – both during, and after transaction.


Additionally, Shopify is the only hosted e-commerce system which uses CDN (Content Delivery Network). This is a vast network of servers positioned globally, to ensure that as a customer, your online Junk male Clothing store will load as quickly and efficiently as possible – wherever you are in the World.


For added protection, all credit card purchases are automatically traced, to detect and prevent card fraud.


Latest News: PCI Compliance before 30th July 2012


It was announced on Thursday 31st May 2012, that any online business that conducted credit card transactions, should voluntarily comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), as best practice. 


PCI DSS is a minimum security standard, which was established and enforced by Visa™ and MasterCard® to protect businesses and customers alike. Naturally, this comes at an additional cost to the business, and participating businesses should consider applying for this additional level of security before 30th July 2012. 


At Junk Male Clothing, we became compliant on the very day of the announcement, and are now PCI Compliant with Trustwave: a leading provider of PCI DSS compliance solutions. Trustwave’s industry-leading network vulnerability scanner is powered by Trustwave’s ‘SpiderLabs Team’. Just one of the benefits of this system, is that it provides another valuable layer of security onto our already secure payment systems. 


Trustwave’s systems now scans our network and conducts a series of tests every month to test our internet connection and web site, to ensure it’s 100% safe from hackers.

Data protection

We only collect personal information about you, which is volunteered by you, whenever you complete a transaction or buy an item of clothing. We never pass your details on to other companies. You will never receive offers from companies that offer similar products or services, as we never ‘sell’ or pass on customer details. There are no exceptions.

We may use the information you provide to contact you, or for product administration and customer research. That information will only be used by Junk Male Clothing. We may occasionally send you emails informing you of new content, new products, or special offers and blogs on the Junk Male Clothing site. If these do get sent, you can opt-out and unsubscribe at any time.

Once again and in final summary: We will never pass your personal information to third parties without your consent.

We only collect personally information to allow us to give you the products you want, and to serve our legitimate business purposes. We will maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the information you have provided.

If for any reason you are concerned that the personal information maintained by us is not correct, or should you wish to have your personal information removed from our records, please contact us by email at and we will be happy to review, update or remove information as appropriate. If you want further information, you’ll find all you need right here, in our Privacy Policy.

Contact us

We’ve been surprised, humbled, entertained and enlightened by some of the fantastic suggestions you’ve sent us. We appreciate your input, and we really do listen to you. Since Junk Male Clothing launched in 2010, we’ve used loads of your constructive feedback to continually improve the site – and your customer experience. We also love hearing your opinions on the existing designs, as well as your ideas for future T-Shirts, Hoodies, Vests and Merchandise. Thank you for your continued support, and please keep those suggestions coming.


If you have a query or need some information about Junk Male that isn’t covered in the help section; or if you want to submit feedback, ask a question, or just say “Hi”, then complete your details below and click the SUBMIT ENQUIRY button.


Alternatively, continue browsing for hand-printed, limited-edition clothing, at our online <Junk Male Clothing Store>

For general enquiries, email us at: or alternatively, you can write to us at:

Tee-Tree Group Ltd T/A Junk Male Clothing 
Unit 9 Wessex Industrial Estate
Bourne End
Bucks SL8 5DT

Telephone: 0044 (0) 1494 853150
(Business hours: 9.00 to 5.00 GMT/Western European Time, Monday to Friday).