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Laurel & Hardy T-Shirt £75.00 £40.00

Comedy Droogs

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OK, so here’s the thinking behind this striking, but bizarre design: I recently rediscovered the comedy greats – from as far back as the golden silent movie era: People like Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Laurel & Hardy. I was struck by two things: Their comedy was still fresh – some ninety years after they started (they started to become well known during the 1920’s). Secondly; the comedy was pure. It had a sweetness to it, an inherent charm and innocence which was just heart warming.

When I started to think about some of the developments in modern comedy, and how some artists and comedians have felt the need to challenge, shock, and confront taboos… I started to develop a new respect and appreciation for what the original 1920‘S to 1940’s pioneers actually did. Their comedy was just inventive, self-effacing, and humbling. They didn’t rely on having victims to make their comedy point – they were the victims. They lampooned themselves.

This then got me thinking about how inventive these comedians were, and I started to realise how powerful their simple image was: Two guys in bowler hats. Simple. Two white powdered faces, beneath the striking contrast of two black bowler hats. 

So not only were they funny, but graphically, they were powerful too!

By this time, my mind was drifting all over the place, and I tried to think of any other actor, comedian or artist (in movie history), that had employed the humble bowler hat to such dramatic visual effect – to the extent that it almost became their ‘brand’. The immediate answer was of course Alex (played by Malcolm McDowell), in Clockwork Orange!

From here, the mental leap of dressing the quaint figures of Laurel & Hardy, in the yob-clothing of a droog… was relatively minor (to my warped mind, at least). 

Besides, I just like the juxtaposition of two cheeky simpletons masquerading as violent thugs.

So here you have it: The loveable rogues Laurel and Hardy, dressed in white, with bovver-boots, cane and baseball bat, wearing the customary ‘box’ genital protection, and striding out to the Milk Bar for a ‘malarky drat with their fellow droogs, maybe to spill a little krovvy, and finish off with a nice glass of moloko’.

OK, so that’s a warped train of thought, but I can guarantee you won’t find another T-Shirt like this anywhere else in the World.

This is printed on Ecru-cotton (the natural, unbleached state of untreated cotton), and the T-Shirt is from our growing ‘Earth Positive’ range, meaning it’s Fair Trade, 100% organically farmed – and Carbon Neutral. The cotton is superb quality, and the softest and most comfortable that you’ll find anywhere.

Please Note: As per our usual Junk Male policy, these are strictly limited-edition: We have only produced a total of just twenty of these hand-printed t-shirts, to ensure their rarity and exclusivity. This means that there are only a few available in each size. Why not wear something that nobody else has got!