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Paul Simonon £9.00

Pack of 5 or 10 Heavy Gauge Picks (0.96)

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Paul Simonon (born 15th December 1955), was influential to millions of bassists and musicians – and he was just one of the multitude of Rock greats that drove me towards playing Fender Precisions (and Ampeg rigs).

In 1977, during recording of the debut Clash album, Paul used a black Rickenbacker given to him by Patti Smith. But he soon cast this aside, stating that it was too lightweight (he preferred heavier basses that were more robust; could put up with more punishment; and seemed more resonant). He also felt the Rickenbackers’ sound too thin. Soon after, his love affair with Fender Precisions began…

In the iconic photograph, on the cover of the ‘London Calling’ album, Simonon was photographed smashing up his beloved 1979 Precision (having been frustrated by the over-zealous Security Staff, who were too brutal in restraining the crowd in the front rows). This was an impulsive moment of anger, which he would regret for many years later (even though it produced a legendary photograph).

Primarily known as an aggressive plectrum-player, Simonon experimented with fretless and Wal basses, and in later years, eschewed the plectrum entirely, in favour of using the edge of his thumb, in order to get a deeper ‘thud’ in his tone.

Junk Male Bass (or Guitar) picks, are manufactured from high quality celluloid, in a slick, matt finish – that doesn’t slip, even in sweaty hands during gigs.

These Heavy Gauge Plectrums (0.96 mm), are particularly well-suited to heavy-duty bass guitar work (but can obviously be used by guitarists too). Even though there is plenty of flex and movement in them, the cambered edges produce a really nice, powerful ‘attack’ when needed – great for when you really want to ‘dig-in’. In fact, these heavy duty picks are perfect for replicating the edgy tone that Simonon achieved on such classic bass lines as London Calling and Safe European Home, amongst a host of other Clash hits.

No gig-bag, guitar case – or wallet – should be without an emergency supply of these unique plectrums. They’re a great, high-quality bass or guitar pick, which are only produced in strictly limited quantities, so are sure to be collectable. 

You can buy these in packs of either 5 or 10 guitar picks. The 10-pack is better value, as you’ll only pay for eight plectrums, and will get two free.

They also make a great – and inexpensive gift – for the bassist or guitars in your life.